The graphic design portfolio for Ryan Foster



3/2017 - Current
Creating marketing images and logos
Put books together following specified templates
Fixing the size, color, and designs in various books

African Library Project

October, 2014 - Current
Created graphic assets for company
Photo editing


6/2014 - Current
Conceptualized and created logos, templates, courses, and design assets for the company
Created website mock ups for clients

David Design

8/2013 - Current
Updated and created web pages in Dreamweaver and Wordpress
Edited images for slideshows and other assets

Individuality Books

9/2015 - 5/2016
Create designs for coloring book pages
Put books together following specified templates
Fixing the size, color, and designs in various books

Best Bride

2/2015 - 12/2015
Edit, create, and conceptualize layouts for website
Create design assets for company and client use
Edit photos for company use


9/2015 - 12/2015
Edit photos for company use
Design ads and assets for sales


2/2015 - 6/2015
Created social media graphics
Create Photoshop mockup of client's website and remove photo backgrounds

Columbia College

Certified in Digital Graphic Arts - 5/2013
1 semester of 2D/3D Animation (Flash and Maya)
1 semester of InDesign and typography
1 year of Illustrator
1 year of Photoshop and Lightroom (Digital/Print)

Columbia College

Certified in Web Design - 5/2014
1 year of Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Dreamweaver)



Ryan Foster

Graphic & Web Designer

I am a graphic and web designer from California hell-bent on starting my career. I attended Columbia College in Sonora, CA taking courses in the Adobe Creative Suite and in web development. After three years of cramming design principles into my skull for hours on end, I earned my certifications in Digital Graphic Arts and Web Design.

I am always working to improve everything I do, and see every challenge as my own personal Miracle Grow. If something involves working outside of the box I jump on it immediately because nothing innovative and inspiring comes from working in your comfort zones. This philosophy fuels my motto of "Head down, horns out".

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